Kubernetes / CNCF meetup Tuesday April 27

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Kubernetes / CNCF meetup Tuesday April 27

Johann Tienhaara
Hi NSLUG folks,

For anyone interested in Kubernetes and/or cloud computing, the next
Cloud Native Computing Foundation virtual meeting is:

  Tuesday, April 27 at 1pm ADT


(Note times listed online are in the Eastern timezone, not Atlantic;
all events are currently virtual.)

- From Zero to Hero with Observability in Microservices
  (Logging, metrics, tracing)
  By Ricardo Ferreira, Elastic

- Applications containerized and deployed, 2021 edition
  (Java CNCF buildpacks)
  By Anthony Dahanne, Adaptive Financial Consulting

Login is required to RSVP.  (The CNCF is a sub-foundation of the
Linux Foundation.)

Cheers all,


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